November 08, 2011

Being Normal

PAD Challenge, Day 8: write a "normal" poem
Just for the record, I don't write this from any personal experience :)

How boring to be normal
like a setting on the dryer,
just average in a crowd,
another member of the choir.

How usual to be normal
like a perfect right angle,
only one, not any greater,
invariant, unspangled.

How typical to be normal,
like part of a control group,
a pattern of a pattern,
another uniform in the troop.

November 03, 2011

A Sad Sort of Clanging (Auf Wiedersehen)

PAD Challenge, Prompt 3: write a "sort of" poem
Props to the Sound of Music for today's entry...

There’s a sad sort of clanging
from the clock on my wall,
and the bells on my cell phone too.
And out in the living room,
an absurdly cute puppy
keeps waking up to ask,
“Where are you?”
“Where are you?”

Regretfully I sit up,
so sleepily I stand up,
to say good morning
(good morning) to you.

So long, my bed.
Auf wiedersehen, my night.
I hate to wake-
the sun is oh-so-bright!

So long, my bed.
Auf wiedersehen, my sleep.
Asleep, asleep,
is where I’d rather be.

So long, my bed.
Au revoir, my fluffy pillow.
My bed head makes me
feel like an armadillo.

So long, my bed.
Auf wiedersehen, my night.
I leave and heave
a sigh and say goodbye.
I hate to go,
I will not tell a lie.
I sit, I sigh,
I slowly stand, un-spry.
The sun has come
to light and so must I.

So long, my bed.
Auf wiedersehen, my pillow.