July 02, 2011

Left-Brained Poet

Photo Prompt from Magpie Tales: see below
I'll admit, this one had me stumped for a while. Adding to my perplexity was my focus on writing non-fiction the past few weeks. Researching, organizing, and analyzing - all the things that are opposite of feeling, imagining, and creating poetry. I've been stuck in left-brain mode for a while. Somehow, the struggle to balance the left and right sides, to both research facts and create poetry, fit so well with this image. I'm not really sure what it is supposed to be, or even what I think it is, but it somehow defines my left-brain/right-brain struggle.

Paint a picture with words,
add some color with phrases.

Play a tune within poetic form,
sing a melody with sentences.

Create a world through reality,
analyze a fantasy by imagination.

Structure a poem with artistic flair,
write a free-form verse with logic.

Compose a forest with particular trees,
describe the branches that fashioned Eden.

Draw systematically, calculate poetically,
analyze spontaneously, fantasize rationally:

Right-brained organizer,
Left-brained poet.


  1. I love the back and forth, the point and the counter-point ..... a really neat poem.

  2. I can relate to this, that is me organizer, poet/artist. WOW good job, you should submit to Jingle Poetry Potluck

  3. Very Interesting poem. Well done