July 24, 2011

Baby Steps

Prompt from Poetic Bloomings: write a goal-oriented poem
Prompt from Sunday Scribblings: distant 

As a note of explanation, I used to be quite active and a somewhat-avid hiker before I was diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomatosis. Since then, just walking around the block has been difficult at times... but I am finally finding the strength and capability to start hiking once again. I was able to do a 3-mile roundtrip moderately strenuous trail in the Smokies this past week, and it felt AMAZING. But I don't want to stop there. It's a dream of mine to improve to the point of hiking a few days on the Appalachian Trail or hiking through the Grand Canyon. Someday, hopefully!

Baby steps
up the mountainside,
single steps
crossing streams,
rock-strewn paths, pressing upward
to that distant peak.

Baby steps
through the hemlock woods,
pace marked by
passing trees,
hiking forward purposefully
to that distant end.

Baby steps
along life’s pathway,
plodding on,
step by step,
until that dream is realized,
that trail completed.


  1. What is Wegener's Granulomatosis? You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Belva, it's a long-term auto-immune form of vasculitis. It causes inflammation in the blood vessels, which leads to organ and tissue damage if left untreated. There is no cure, but treatment can possibly lead to remission.

  3. I just added a link to the "Wegener's" name, if you want to read more about it.

  4. I have S.L.E or (Lupus) another autoimune disease which has a myriad of symptoms crop up and imitates other diseases like MS too.
    Good for you for getting back into the stride, little by little and, pace yourself.
    Your prose is beautiful.

  5. May all your distant dreams come true.

  6. You will fulfill your goal, I know it. One baby step at a time. As long as you keep on moving forward, you will make it.