June 01, 2011


Prompt from We Write Poems: write a piku
The "piku" form is a cross between a haiku and the first three numbers of pi (3.14). It contains three lines, with 3 syllables in line one, 1 syllable in line two, and 4 syllables in line three.
This set of pikus was inspired by my time at the Scottish Games last Saturday. I am quite proud of my Scottish heritage and was thrilled to spend time with other who were like-minded. There were games, demonstrations, clan booths, food (Irn Bru, anyone?), and of course, BAGPIPES! Hope this poem brings a sense of their beauty to you.

Drone of the
echoes drumbeats

keeping time
melodies sung

on chanters,
by artful hands:

bagpipes are
beautiful thing.


  1. I agree, specially outdoors by a Scottish loch: Nothing more romantic. I once went to the concert of a bagpipe band: that was powerful!

  2. Aye! Bagpipes are a beautiful thing. I like how you departed from the prompt a little and wrote a piku chain. Some things need a bit more of an expanse to depict and explain.

    What part of the world are you in? I'm also partially of Scottish descent and this event sounds fascinating.


  3. I live in upstate South Carolina... a lot of Scots settled in the mountain area of the southeastern US, and they uphold their tradition with things like the annual Scottish Games.

  4. Viv - would SO love to hear them by a loch, or really anywhere in Scotland! Been my dream since I was little to visit my clan's castles and regions over there.

  5. As someone with a bit of Scottish blood in his veins, I liked your linked pikus. They work quite well as stanzas in your poem.


  6. I love bagpipes too! We used to have a troop that practiced in a park near our home. Now I have to settle for tv and memories. Love your blog design too.

  7. The subject of bagpipes seems to be a natural for a collection of pikus! I love the sound too. It always brings tears to my eyes.

  8. Wow, thank you all! Glad I'm not the only one who feels the call of the pipes!

  9. Amazing how well this form can work - I feel you've captured the event well. Bagpipes are so distinctive, just like a piku.

  10. I love bagpipes, too. It never occurred to me before, but they are a wonderful subject for a poem.

    I like what you did with the piku form, creating a single poem. Very nicely done.

  11. I really like yours! Thanks for sharing the link on the original post. If I choose to teach this, could I use yours as an example? I like that it doesn't rhyme. dezertsuz at gmail