June 05, 2011

How Sweet the Spring

Prompt from Sunday Scribblings: sweet

©EJ 2011

How sweet the sounds of spring-
baby birds awakening to new life,
pubescent trees laughing in sunshine,
promised rains knocking on driveways.

How sweet the sounds, the smells-
humid air pregnant with honeysuckle,
grasses sighing after springtime rain,
flowerbeds fresh from sunny ovens.

How sweet the sights of spring-
a world awash in rainbow hues,
promise of life after ancient winter,
watercolor greens and blushing yellows.

How sweet the start of spring-
that season of arousal, giving birth
to long awaited blush of color,
wellspring of consciousness.


  1. Now that is a lovely, lyrical poem. I cannot do 'lyrical' myself, but am always ready to admire it in others. Very well done!

  2. Beautiful poem :) Spring does have a kind of sweetness to it.

  3. I love your use of anaphora. I did the same, but yours is better.