June 12, 2011

Bright at Last

Prompt from Poetic Bloomings: choose a favorite line from a favorite poem to use as a springboard for a new poem's title and theme
Something that I enjoy even more than traditional poetry is the lyrical verses of many old-time hymns. They are also poetry, in their own way. I have many favorites among them, but one that has been on my mind today is Be Still, My Soul, by Ka­tha­ri­na A. von Schle­gel. This poem is taken from the second stanza of that hymn, and the line "All now mysterious shall be bright at last."

we shall flee this clouded world,
throw off our dingy cloaks of sorrow like
penniless strangers no longer destitute,
dissolve the filth of our tears in perfection.

And we,
who now walk homeless on this earth,
shall keep mansions in cities of gold, all
uncommonly crafted, and we shall live
eternally at home with the eternal Life,

In whose
radiance will flee shadowed imperfection,
drab fragments made whole, dimmed souls
enlightened by sun-surpassing glory, and
'all now mysterious shall be bright at last.'


  1. Elizabeth, I mentioned this at Poetic Bloomings, but wanted to stop by here as well to tell you I believe this is the best work I've seen of yours. That says a lot, as I already thoroughly enjoy and am blessed by your work. Beautifully, beautifully penned!

  2. I am not a poet, Elizabeth, and am certainly in no position to critique your work, but this was so beautiful. Very inspiring. You, my friend, are a gifted writer!!

  3. Elizabeth, I'm a follower of Jesus. I have no idea what the afterlife will look like, but your poem was beautiful. As for the life we live here, this was my take. Thanks, Amy

  4. Marie! Your comment left me speechless! As a great admirer of your poetry, any praise from you means a LOT. Thanks!!

    Sarah, Amy - thank YOU for visiting and encouraging!

  5. Elizabeth, it's beautiful. I love the form and how you were inspired by hymns.