May 03, 2011


Prompt from Poetic Bloomings: seeds
With a special thanks to Marie & Walt, gardeners of this beautiful new prompt site. May it grow and flourish!

Like a tiny speck, this mustard seed
lay small and silent on my palm,

waiting silently to be chosen, to be
buried in cool dark earth, silent

and waiting for my hand to thrust
it deep into a tomb, there to sleep

soundly until the sun calls for it,
till rain washes away its slumber,

until roots burst forth, contained
no longer by a shell, not so silently

reaching further into earth, until
stem bursts through hard ground

reaching skyward to the sun, until
this tiny speck, this mustard seed

matures into solid trunk, reaching
ever sunward, a monument of

perseverance, bearing fruit of
struggle and flower of tears,

flourishing branches, strong as
rock, unmovable as mountain-

this tiny speck, this mustard seed,
that lay dormant in my palm.