March 23, 2011

Spring Flowers

Prompt from Poetic Asides: spring

Somehow my muse seems to hibernate during winter... but springtime brings it back in full bloom! The tender green shoots of leaves on the trees outside my window, the crisp blue of a sunshiney day, the refreshing calm of a gentle spring breeze caressing my face - all these waken the muse within me. Gone is the starkness of winter, the marble grey skies and the muted browns of the earth. Gone are the monochromatic days of white; in their place is a world alive with life and color! Hence, this acrostic which practically sprung from my mind to the page as I wrote:

(c) Elizabeth Johnson 2010

   S ilently, their faces
   P op up from their beds
   R ising gracefully
   I nto maturity
   N odding approval
   G reeting the sunshine

March 19, 2011

Star Light

Prompt from Writer's Island: inseparable
Tonight the moon will be closer to earth than it has been in eighteen years - a full 30,000 miles closer to be exact. So the lunar light and its complementary starlight are flickering on my muse... and what could be more conjoined with nighttime's light than childhood's starlit wishes?

Offspring of sundown,
lighthousing childhood dreams
toward moonlit docks.

March 09, 2011

Birthday Bop

Prompt from Poetic Asides: write a 'turn around' poem
Poetic Form: bop

I thought I would be miserable,
a memorable day housebound and alone,
forced to glance out at gloomy gray skies-
a wet world of wearied winter-
sung to by the silence of self-pity,
dulled by yet another ordinary day.

Happy birthday to me.

But who knows what a day can bring,
how things can change from glum
to expressions of estimable elation
in just a matter of hours or days;
unexpected flowers burst into bloom,
coloring the darkest corners, while
deep in the forest the songbirds
sweetly tweet just for me:

Happy birthday to you…

And so my birthday came, and with it,
vast improvements upon my imaginations;
springtime buds opened with the rain,
calming quiet surrounded my spirit,
well-wishers whelmed me with wishes,
loved ones personalized the day…

Happy birthday to me!