February 12, 2011


Prompt from Writer's Island: epiphany

Every night is the same:
lazing in bed, waiting
for sleep to silence my
mind and quiet my eyes.

I wait, trying not to
think, listening to
white noise and staring
into cool darkness.

I count the seconds
instead of sheep; flip
my pillow every five
minutes for variety.

And then it comes:
and I can hardly stay
in bed, must get up
and write it down-

my epiphanies.


  1. That's why I keep my laptop handy for midnight writing. I sympathise with the insomnia

  2. Ah, the curse of the writer. I suffer often :-)

  3. beautiful,

    Happy V Day.
    keep it up.

  4. I so understand that! (You just said it exceedingly well!) I too suffer from the same affliction as you and your admirers (above.) ☼