January 09, 2011

In the Park

Prompt from Sunday Scribblings: a walk in the park

It was merely a walk in the park,
he later told me:

no matter the steep pathways
overgrown with rocky footprints
and wind-scattered branches;

no matter the icy crystal remnants
accenting the dusky trail, evidence
of a late winter’s snowstorm;

no matter the swollen rivers and
slick smooth-faced boulders, passable
only by seasoned loops of rope;

that walk in the park ascended to heights
higher than the soaring eagles,
far above the tree tops;

and despite the sweat-soaked body,
the trembling legs and pounding pulse,
that hike was as calming as a walk in the park.


  1. I remember that trembling leg, pounding pulse sort of hike. The view is worthwhile even if the body is screaming in protest.

  2. Those kinds of walks in the park are the best!
    "on paper wings"

  3. After this type of exertion, the best kind of peace comes, don't you think? You've spent the raw energy and what is left is lungs clear and limbs that are light.

  4. Interesting take on the prompt.

  5. I think I may have been on this hike. ☼

    Great response to the prompt.