December 08, 2010


Prompt from Poetic Asides: write about a generalized group of people, animals, or things

Like a warm cup of coffee,
freshly brewed and waiting
to be savored ever so slowly;

Like a gathering of friends,
by a cozy fireplace with
memories and marshmallows;

Like a snapshot of home,
long forgotten but still
remembered fondly;

So is poetry to me,
comforting and comfortable,
sweetly familiar, piquantly fresh.


  1. love your way of seeing what poetry is.
    brilliant wriitng.

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  3. I adore this image of what poetry means to you. I am so new to poetry, writing AND reading it. And I heartily agree with your poem. :)

  4. I love this because it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling in you that you have when you sit at home and drink hot chocolate by the fire...which you incorporate in your poem. Wonderful writing!