November 02, 2010

What a Poem!

PAD Challenge, Prompt #2: ready to start, never ready
Form: blitz poem

Ready or not
Ready for what?
What could be
What shall be
Be such a challenge
Be such fun
Fun of prompting
Fun of writing
Writing words
Writing poetry
Poetry each morning
Poetry at night
Night dreams poetry
Night leads to morning
Morning awakens
Morning brings another
Another prompt
Another challenge
Challenge to think
Challenge to stretch
Stretch those fingers
Stretch that brain
Brain overload!
Brain drain!
Drain the stress
Drain the distractions
Distractions of work
Distractions that distract
Distract from zoning
Distract from writing
Writing ideas
Writing pictures
Pictures in poetry
Pictures in words
Words in mind
Words and rhythm
Rhythm and rhyme
Rhythm in time
Time for what?
Time to poem
Poem while awake
Poem during sleep
Sleep and dream
Sleep it off
Off we go
Off to poem
Poem away
Poem a poem

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