November 03, 2010

Mountain Air

PAD Challenge, Prompt #3: location
Form: rondeau

Breathe in deeply the mountain air,
pure and clean in morning 'ere
day's heat wakes, sunlight shimmers,
wildflower's fragrance simmers
sweet in green and grassy lair.

Breathe in deeply, standing there
under fir-crowned rooms where glimmers
jewel-toned blossoms, flowery shimmers.
Breathe in deeply.

Close your eyes, breathe full and fair,
rest your mind and spirit here;
day's long heat its perfume simmers,
evening's glow its fragrance shimmers;
scented beauties fill the air.
Breathe in deeply.

1 comment:

  1. woaaa what a lovely imagery...
    your words are so lively and create such a beautiful picture...