November 01, 2010

Election Day

For the month of November, Poetic Asides is doing a Poem-a-Day Challenge, so get ready for lots of posts this month. Hopefully I can keep up with the challenge; it seems like a great opportunity to stretch my fingers, add to my poetry files, and further my writing abilities. If it sounds like work to you ... well, I'm sure it may feel like it at times for me, but I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what I come up with for these 30 days of prompts!

PAD Challenge, Prompt #1: close the door, turn the page
Form:  acrostic poem

Inspired - obviously - by the hopes encapsulated in every Election Day, hopes for change and better men (and women) in office.

Electric currents sweep through the country,
Liberals and conservatives fighting for the win.
Energy kindling, burning the smoke of hope,
Constitutional standards being fought or upheld,
Trial for politicians by the American people.
Invitation for election, for power, for change,
Open to any with courage to stand, confidence to fight,
No one refused: this is America! All are welcome-

Democrat, Independent, Republican (even Tea Party)-
America, land of democracy, governed by the people!
Your voice can be heard; your vote matters.


  1. your words flow like waterfall...

    divine entry.
    you make me smile.

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