November 28, 2010

Chicken Conspiracy

PAD Challenge, Prompt #28: write a "what really happened" poem

If only he had known
what was really going on
he would never have tried
to cross the street.

If only he had known
that his crossing was part
of a world-wide conspiracy
to make fun of his species;

if only he had known
that philosophers and poets
would ponder his attempts
for centuries to come;

if only he had known
that so many of his attempts
would be scrambled and fried
before he finally succeeded;

if only he had known
the futility of his attempts,
perhaps he would not have tried
to cross to the other side,

and I would be left with
nothing to poem about.


  1. beautiful imagination here.
    lovely flow.

  2. don't forget to link some of your poems to potluck tonight,
    Happy Sunday!

    we value your support,
    any poem are welcome.

  3. This one is fantastic, and in another context could survive without the last two lines. I love it!
    (BTW, Isaac Newton would have said the chicken crossed the road because chickens at rest tend to stay at rest, while chickens in motion tend to cross the street. I think that is my favorite chicken/street joke, but most people start laughing after "rest" and don't even hear the rest (best) part!)