October 14, 2010


Anyone else ever feel like this?

Some days I sit at my computer,
trying to write, trying to poem,
motivated to get something on paper,
best of intentions in my head,
desire to type in my fingers,

But nothing comes to me.

I stare out the window,
watch the leaves blowing
in the crisp autumn breeze,
brightly colored foliage
against a clear blue sky,

But nothing comes to me.

I turn on my favorite music
and light a candle,
close my eyes and relax,
breathing in the scent and
letting my mind soar with the melodies.

But nothing comes to me.

I sit and stare at the
blank computer screen,
searching for inspiration,
trying too hard to
find something to say,

But nothing comes to me.


  1. another breath taking piece.
    cool writing.

  2. Hope to see you at our poetry potluck tomorrow or linking in within 24 hours....

    the theme is 7 sins, write a poem and post it ahead of the time...
    linking in as soon as we are open, your work will get better view ...
    have a fun weekend,
    love your blog.