October 29, 2010

Puppy's Kingdom

Prompt from Big Tent Poetry: sketch your home, freewrite for a page regarding the sketch, be inspired to poem from anything in your sketch or freewriting

Puppy’s Kingdom
is an indoor palace.
She has free reign over
floors and doorways
and human hands.

Her throne resides
in full view of the
living room, overlooking
sofa and television,
windows and table.

She sleeps in comfort
each night, curled up
in her plastic home,
secure and safe in
her cozy little bed.

Her meals are feasts
of lamb and rice, she
savors crumbly bacon
and salivates over
leftover pizza crusts.

Her days are spent
in luxury, long sessions
stretched out fully
on plush carpet,
dreaming deeply.

She gets long naps,
longer petting sessions,
and lots of playtime
with her ball and rope
and rubbery Kong.

Her Kingdom is an
indoor one, padded by
soft carpet, sheltered
by walls and ceiling,
shared with humans.


  1. What a tender poem.
    Sounds like a lucky puppy.

  2. That's one lucky and happy puppy. Well loved also,


  3. Cute--our dogs reign in our home, too.


  4. Oh, it's a puppy's world, all right! Neat poem!

  5. I can relate... we have two dogs. In fact, this BTP exercise produced a dog-related poem for me, too.

  6. What a sweet and cozy perspective you've captured here. Great use of the prompt.

  7. Wonderful how the humans don't appear until the last line!

    Terrific lines and love that any dog-lover can identify with and love. :-)

  8. dynamic writing...
    love the wit in it.

  9. A place where the humans are tolerated, loyal subjects :)