October 08, 2010


Prompt from Big Tent Poetry: borrow one line from a poet’s poem and use that line as a springboard

Inspired by The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost): "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

When I was young I dreamed
of being a concert pianist:
I would spend my days
rhapsodizing on a ten-foot
Steinway, playing my heart
on strings and hammers,
bringing music to the masses.

Juilliard called out to me,
invited me to come and dine on
Bach and Rachmaninoff,
Gershwin and Shostakovich;
my fingers ached to play
in that black-and-white world
of music notes and piano keys.

I thought I would do it;
but then I heard a whisper,
a plaintive hum in my heart,
of something greater than
playing on the world’s stage
and dwelling in a fermata of
allegretto and adagio.

I heard in that whisper’s song a
refrain of serving others,
of harmonizing with humanity;
its melody transposed my desires,
took me down the pathway
that lay silent and unexplored,
and that has made all the difference.


  1. Beautifully composed! I love all the musical allusions.

  2. "I thought I would do it;/but then I heard a whisper" I like that part the best. Funny--I wrote something on the same theme a while ago. I figure, even if we don't become concert pianists, what a gift to have that music to take with us whatever we end up doing.

  3. Just beautiful. I love the idea of harmonizing with humanity!

  4. Absolutely beautiful, melodious poem. Do you still play the piano? My mom is a piano teacher, so I grew up with it. I find it very meditative.

  5. I do still play - for our church as well as just for fun. It is such a wonderful outlet...
    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

  6. Well, you are a sensational musician! Do you sing or play? Thank heavens you heard your 'whisper'.