September 14, 2010

Still Life

Prompt from Big Tent Poetry: the Wordles (list of random, unassociated words to be used within the poem)

A weary young mother
     with tender child
     hiding in her skirt
Stands on the dock
     amidst stale debris
     evidence of lunches
     half-eaten by hungry
     swarms of seagulls
Chants a prayer
Pleads for answers
     from unending
     horizons of blue
Wants to embellish
     her timid existence
     floundering backbone
Needs the temporary
     immersed in change
     sunk into oblivion


  1. Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

  2. Yes, we have trials...what saddens me about this poem is that the woman is on the dock rather than in some park or alongside a brook in a glade or anywhere of dozens of nicer places, that she had nowhere like that to go in her pain.

  3. I like the image you have captured here. Can see a skilled sure hand filling in the details, adding those last bits of light and shadow. A very evocative piece and welcome to the Big Tent,


  4. She's come to the sea for answers. I wonder about her questions. Nice job with the words.

  5. welcome, welcome! this does a beautiful job of conveying despair.

  6. Oh, sometimes one wishes for exactly this!

  7. there by the sea we find the answers waiting... beautiful

  8. Welcome to the Big Tent, Elizabeth!

    I loved the pairing of "floundering backbone" ... sent me flying.