September 25, 2010


Prompt from Writer's Island: whimisicality

She changed into one of those
blue and white patterned gowns
that never really flatters anyone,
took off her glasses and jewelry
and gave them to her husband for
safekeeping during surgery.

She pulled back the curtain and
five of us hovered around her
like bees swarming on a flower,
taking her temperature and
checking her medications and
inserting an IV line in her arm.

She lay there stripped of her
name, just another patient
for us to prep, but she held on
to her identity, wiggling her
toes and proudly flaunting
her bright green fuzzy socks.

(inspired by a true-to-life experience and one of my own personal whimsies)


  1. Yes, we should always remember who we are, no matter what the circumstance.
    Nice one.

  2. very cute this reminds me of my mom, she would have smiled at reading this!

  3. Proudly flaunting her bright green fuzzy socks! This is a very special occasion! I am so proud of the five of you, clustered around, and noticing this woman's identity.
    Depthful and delightful!

  4. I love this piece. There is a wealth of wisdom between the lines. Wow.

  5. There is a lot of truth in this poem, and in such circumstances it is great to make a defiant statement of self. I really like your socks.

  6. I like this woman!

    I love 'stripped of her/name'

  7. Very nice piece. Makes me feel very close to this amazing strong woman in green fuzzy socks.

  8. yes {claps hands}, lovely that she thought of that - loved this poem, its seriousness and then, the lightness at the end

  9. And good for her!
    How many nameless proceedures before and since have been forgotten?

  10. Thanks everyone! I was actually the one wearing the green socks, but I wanted to write the scene from a different perspective. It was a scary time, but those socks helped me keep my sanity :)

  11. cool piece.
    your blog template is stunning.

  12. Oh, this speaks to me. Wonderful write.


  13. This poem gives me warm (green) fuzzies!