September 21, 2010

Learning to Write

My poem won a contest!!  Poetic Asides ran a challenge a few weeks ago to write a  monotetra, and I submitted a few (see To Fall Asleep). And one of them won, and will be published in the January issue of Writer's Digest!

I wrote a poem and thought it fine.
Its rhyme and rhythm sure did shine.
I sent the magazines a line--
"Will you print mine? Will you print mine?"

They wrote me back and said, "Not yet--
We think it is a nice vignette;
But when you write, please don't forget
What tense to set." What tense to set?

Turns out, before my poems commence
I must choose past or present tense.
I have no words in my defense!
It all makes sense. It all makes sense!

1 comment:

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH!!!! I was, am, and will be proud of you!!! Yay! :)