September 22, 2010


 Prompt from Poetic Asides: write about a cycle

This morning I got out of bed,
dressed in something comfortable,
poured myself some coffee, and
settled down with my computer
for an hour of waking up before
the day’s work really began. Then,

I got the dirty laundry from the
bedroom and hamper, put it on to
wash, checked the kitchen for
dishes to put away, and glanced at
the pile of mail on the table for
any bills that had to be paid.

As the washer soaked and spun,
I followed its cycle of cleaning,
vacuuming and sweeping the
floors, dusting the tables and
television, and straightening
the sofa cover and its cushions.

Later on, after supper, I watched
as the sink and drainer piled up
with dishes, the carpet became
spotted with dirt and dander,
and clothes were thrown in
a heap on the bedroom floor.

Tomorrow morning I will get
out of bed, get dressed and
grab some coffee, wake up
over email and blog updates,
and then begin the cycle of
housework all over again.

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