September 17, 2010


Prompt from Poetic Asides: write about a person

She took me to see
a doctor when my
forehead was on fire
and my lungs were
drowning in crud
and she had no idea
if I was contagious.

She stayed with me in
the hospital while
the doctors played
games with my blood
and practiced their
art of science on
my lungs and skin.

She held me when
the diagnosis was made
of some unknown disease
and I cried at the thought
of how much water
I would have to drink
every single day.

She walked with my
future husband and talked
with my mother, being the
hope that I could not be
while I was laying there
with a catheter and
an IV in my arm.

She helped me when I
finally got discharged and
headed to my apartment,
feeling disorganized in
my home and my life,
trying to discover a
new sort of normal.

She still calls me even though
three years have gone by and
she now has a toddler, but
she still wants to find out
how my energy is doing and
what the latest news is
from my doctor.


  1. She is a keeper. And so are you! I pray for strength for you to deal with this and overcome it too.

  2. Thanks, Colette. This happened over 3 years ago... God has brought me a long way since then! And has continued to give me some wonderful friendships on the way!