September 09, 2010

Fervent Hope

Prompt from Poetic Asides: write a future poem.

What this world needs now is
far more than love or peace
but something to believe in
a future to hope for
faith to carry on
to keep us going
give us optimism
nurture our dreams
help us move beyond
the tears of yesteryears
“forgetting what lies behind”
“reaching forward to what lies ahead”

What this world needs now is
something genuine to trust
some Person of integrity
who will never fail
nor ever leave us
who has full knowledge
as of a creature’s Creator
with wisdom beyond measure
working things together for our good

What this world needs now is
redemption for our souls
that unseen part of us
housed in our bodies
that will live beyond
cessation of time
an eternity somewhere
place of torment or triumph
both are wide open but only one
gives true hope and abundant life forever

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