September 18, 2010

Different Kind of Fishermen

Prompt from Writer's Island: respond to the term "fisherman"

We pass them by almost
every day. They sit unseen,
hidden under ragged shirts
and oversized hats and
filth that camouflages them
against cement walls and
busy metro stations.

They bring their empty cups
and their music, an old guitar
passed down to them or
a trumpet they saved up
to buy from a thrift store,
nothing fancy but enough
to play their melodies.

We pass them by almost
every day, but sometimes
we actually hear them and
their music baits our ears
and they lure us in closer,
just to get a few more
coins in their empty cups.


  1. Sometimes we simply don't notice the obvious. I liked it very much.

    about fish, chips, nothing much else

    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

  2. I really like this and very much enjoyed your angle with these modern day urban fisherman.

    Nice writing. :-)

  3. I love buskers, and always stop and listen, and pay my way. Your poem is a lovely reminder to us.

  4. A wonderful use of the prompt, so clever and well written, I really loved this!

  5. nice switch on the bait, and a good take on street performers. Nice thing about them--you aren't paying for something on speculation: they are what they are.
    (if you like writing poetry, you just might like fishing. at least the more passive sort. it's mostly an excuse to sit still with the water)

  6. this week's wi prompt has really brought in some wonderful catches of poems... it has been a pleasure to read... the next time i pass this different kind of fisherman i will remember pescador

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments! Barbara, I would love to go fishing but haven't yet had any opportunities to do so. Seems like a writer's paradise though!

  8. Hey Elizabeth! I don't know how to reach you on Facebook or Twitter, so just wanted to let you know you won the WD Poetic Forms Challenge for the Monotetra: Also, send me a friend request if you're on Facebook and not already my friend. :)