October 01, 2010

By the 5 Browns (Impressions at a Concert)

Prompt by Big Tent Poetry: do something different, and write about it

Background: the 5 Browns are five siblings who simultaneously attended (and subsequently graduated from) Julliard School. A few nights ago they gave an amazing performance at Bob Jones University, which I was able to attend. The music simply overwhelmed me, and as soon as we left I jotted down some impressions so I could write about it in depth later on.

Their fingers dance upon
gleaming white keys set in
polished black frames,
commanding movement
from string and hammer,
sculpting melodies in the air.

Music surrounds me,
fascinates my mind and
enraptures my senses,
captivating me with its
fiery urgency and
alluring plaintiveness.

My eyes close. I am
caught up to starry skies,
surrounded by stupendous
displays of divine creation.
Mystic Neptune lies before me,
shrouded by swirling clouds

of misty fog and fairy dust.
Rachmaninoff beckons me,
captures me within a
cloud pregnant with rain,
showers sparkling drops of
music against my skin.

And so I dream. Brahms
carries me in a current of warmth
across western countryside,
gliding above piney forests,
soaring across stunning rock-ribbed
mountains and canyon. And then,

a pause. And I am transported
by Cowell to the creation of
the tides. I stand in darkness
on the edge of the sea, the
roar of waves deluged by
echoing thunder and punctuated

by swift lightning. The scene dissolves
into cityscape, as Paganini’s magic
carpet of music carries me over
sleeping houses and quiet streets,
plaintively focusing on warmth of
home and hearth. But suddenly,

Liszt plucks me from urbanity,
plunges me into watery theatre,
where schools of gypsy fish
caper and rhapsodize in gaudy
displays of color. Sadly, the dream
diminishes and I am left

in the reality of the concert hall,
grasping at the last whispers
of planetary visions and
glimpses of creation as they
tiptoe away and applause
fills the air of the auditorium.


  1. An absolute symphony of poetic proportions. Lovely!

  2. What wonderful memories! Glad you jotted them down! What a talented family you come from!

  3. Fabulous! Couldn't have put it better myself. =)

  4. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful experience. What a wonderful way to write to this prompt! Hmmm, I wonder if I have seen something about the Browns on television...60 Minutes or something. Somehow sounds familiar.

  5. How music transports captured so very well.
    Book Bird Dog

  6. Music beautifully brought to life in images!

  7. It is indeed a journey. As a musician myself, I know well the way music can take me away. It was good of you to offer us a poetic alternative. Nothing of course can replace the actual music. But then that cuts both ways, and your poem has a life of its own that music cannot capture.

    The coolest thing is how close poetry is to music, a thing most fortunate for singers because otherwise there would be no songs to sing.

  8. How wonderful! How I wish I could have been at the concert to hear this music. Your descriptions are the next best thing!

  9. love the flow.
    divine writing!