August 20, 2010

Thoughts on a New Notebook

I. Upon Acquiring a New Notebook

A blank sheet of paper
begs me to fill it, like an
empty house sitting in a
vacant lot, no grass or shrubs,
colorless and plain. It cries like
walls without paintings or
shelves without books,
empty as a poor man's wallet
waiting for payday. It is
structurally sound and
uncluttered and neat, but
empty. It entreats me like a
kitchen without flatware or china, an
office without a desk,
begging to be filled. A
blank sheet of paper
begs me to fill it.

II. Upon Christening a New Notebook

Beauty where there was barrenness
Satisfaction where there was sterility
Delight in the opening of something
Never given to another
Pureness and wholeness
Only for one - and then a
Christening, and the empty is
Written upon and occupied
Given color and life
Filled with the essence of another.
Two become one,

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