August 17, 2010

Piper Dreams

Prompt from Promptly: It was your birthday. Describe an event from the day in scene, using an airplane, an autograph, and a scream.

Candace couldn't stop smiling as she lay in bed that night, reflecting on what had been the best day ever of her 29 years. Her husband Gary had managed to surprise her beyond belief that morning, and the day had been a whirlwind ever since.

She had gotten up lazily that morning, savoring her day away from giving flight lessons. Gary had fixed her favorite breakfast - blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice, and rich hazlenut coffee - and had decked out the table with candles, fine china, and her favorite tablecloth. After a leisurely breakfast with each other, he suggested taking a bike ride to get some fresh air and time together. She readily agreed, and off they had gone.

Once out of the neighborhood, Gary led them away from their usual path, taking them instead toward the outskirts of town. She hadn't really thought about it then; after all, they had talked before about planning some new routes to ride. It was only when they neared the local airport that she began to wonder what he had really planned for the day.

And she was right to wonder. Gary had ridden ahead of her into the airport grounds, dismounted from his bike, and pulled out a key ring from his pocket. When she expressed a question, he had given her a quiet smile and told her to follow him. They had walked to one of the hangars, which he unlocked and entered. And there, sitting before them, had been a brand new Piper PA-28R-180, painted cherry red (her favorite color), with a huge bow attached.

Her mouthed had dropped open and then she screamed, just as Gary had turned around to hand her the key. He told her it was hers and that all it needed was her autograph, her signature, to make it official. She wasn't really sure what happened after that, just that somehow they got up in the air and flew out over the city and the harbor, and then later on they ended up back home. She'd put the key on her nightstand when they went to bed, and kept looking over at it to make sure it was really there.

She knew she'd have good dreams tonight - that was, if she could ever manage to fall asleep.

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