August 03, 2010

A Dog's Morning

5:00 AM - Good morning! All's quiet. Maybe I'll sleep some more.
5:40 AM - Awake again! I still don't hear anything. I can't get comfortable either. Wish the master would get up and let me out of this crate. Guess I'll close my eyes while I'm waiting.
6:25 AM - Master! He's up! Maybe if I whine he'll come and let me out and we can play.
6:30 AM - Still waiting. Maybe I'll whine a little louder.
6:40 AM - Here he is! If I push the door with my paws maybe it will open faster. I can't wait to get out of this crate and have a nice long stretch!
6:45 AM - I'm free! I'm free! I'll go jump at the door so he'll let me out. I really have to go out right now.
6:46 AM - Grass! Ooooh . . . That feels better. Oh look, a cricket! Bet I can catch him! Oh, another cricket! Hey, there's a squirrel. What's he doing on my lawn? Better chase him away! This is great.
6:50 AM - Oh, the master is going inside the big house. Better go with him! He wants me to sit before he opens the door, but it's so hard to stay still. I've been still all night! I just want to run and jump and be free!
7:00 AM - He's in the kitchen. Maybe if I go in there he'll give me something. He's looking at me . . . I'll lay down so he thinks I'm being good. I'll wag my tail too.
7:10 AM - That was fun. He gave me some crunchy flaky stuff. It was better then that stuff they put in my bowl. I wish they gave me that all the time.
7:20 AM - He's getting ready to leave me again. But now the other Person is up. Maybe she'll give me some more food. Or maybe she'll play with me!
7:30 AM - Well she isn't playing with me so I'll try to play with my ball. Ooh, there's my rope. Maybe I'll play with that. No, the ball is more fun. But the rope is fun to chew. Ball. Rope. Ball. Rope. Oh, it's so hard to decide.
7:40 AM - Maybe if I bring my ball over to her and put it on her lap she'll throw it for me.
7:42 AM - Ooh, hands feel wonderful. Scratch harder! Oh, how about this spot over here? Yeah, that's great! I could get used to this.
7:50 AM - Hey, why'd you stop? Maybe if I nudge you, your hand will come back. Nudge, nudge, nudge. Nope, that's not working. Maybe if I jump in your lap you won't ignore me. Hey, you pushed me off! Oh, there's the hand again. Guess it worked after all!
8:00 AM - Whew, I'm getting tired. Maybe I'll lay down. Oh, I should eat something first. I'll go over to my bowl and get some food.
8:01 AM - Now that I'm over here I'm not really that hungry. I wish the master were here to give me more treats. They're so yummy. Well, I'll get a piece and go lay down.
8:02 AM - Ah, a comfy rug. Hey, I'm hungry again. I need another piece of food.
8:03 AM - There, I brought a few pieces with me so I can eat them when I want to. But I'll lay down for now.
8:07 AM - Listen! I hear a dog outside!
8:09 AM - He's quiet now. I'll lay down again.
8:14 AM - Oh, my other Person just got up. I have to jump up and follow her in case she gives me a treat!
8:18 AM - No treats this time. I'll lay down again. Hm, where should I lay? I'll circle around the room a few times until I know where I want to lay.
8:24 AM - That got boring. I have to move to a different spot.
8:31 AM - I hear something . . . I'll go over to the window to investigate. Oh, it's just a truck. Guess I'll go lay down again.
8:44 AM - My Person got up again! And she's getting food! Oh goodie! I'll wag my tail and look really cute so she'll give me something yummy! Oh, she wants me to sit. Okay, I'm sitting. No, I'll lay. Oh, she moved away. I have to follow her. What, she wants me to sit again? This is no fun. I want to play! I want a treat! I want . . . I want something! I'll jump on her and show her how much I love her and maybe she'll give me something!
8:55 AM - Well she scratched my ears a little but then she told me to lay down while she ate. And she didn't give me anything. It's okay though, I still want to play with her.
9:00 AM - Oh goodie, she's bringing me outside! Yay! Oh look! Squirrel!

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