July 26, 2010

New Holiday

Attention all citizens of Mayberry County: next Friday we will be celebrating National Letter Writing Day. We encourage all citizens to put away their electronic communication devices in favor of writing a few handwritten letters to friends and family. In addition, we will be holding a contest for the most letters written on that day. Guidelines are as follows.

1. Participants in the Letter Writing contest should arrive at City Hall by 8:30 AM on the day of the holiday. Bring your own supplies. Spare paper and pens will be provided when necessary, but everyone should have plenty of their own to start with.

2. Writing will commence promptly at 9 AM. Participants are allowed to bring water; light refreshments will be provided at hourly intervals. One hour will be dedicated for lunch, starting at noon, during which time no letters must be written. Also, all participants are to leave the premises during that hour. We will re-commence activities after lunch and continue until 4 PM.

3. To qualify, each participant must write original compositions of at least 400 words each, and each entry must be written on the premises during contest hours. As each entry is completed, it may be given to a nearby supervisor to be counted and entered under your name. While supervisors may look over the letters to ensure each work is original, the actual content will not be studied or posted anywhere for the public to read.

4. Judging will commence at 4 PM. The participant with the most handwritten, original letters will receive the grand prize of a year's subscription to Writer's Digest, an authentic Italian stationary set, and a $50 USPS gift card applicable toward postage. Three runners-up will be chosen; each will receive a pad of writing paper and a free book of postage stamps.

5. As a bonus for entering the Letter Writing contest, each participant will be allowed to mail their handwritten letters from the premises via free, prepaid postage.

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