July 27, 2010

Life-Changing Facebook Status

I stared hard at the screen.

“Enjoying Disney for the week,” it read. I could hardly believe my eyes: this was my lucky break! My sights had been set on 112 Ridgefield Avenue for about four months now. And now I finally had my chance.

Dollar signs danced in my eyes. This was it! I could finally get ahead of the game, finally make Renny proud of me (that’s my girlfriend) and prove to myself that I knew how to make things work.

I picked up the phone to dial Wes, my long-time buddy and typical partner-in-crime. Yeah, I know, bad pun. He really is my partner-in-crime. I was the one who found the opportunities, and he was the one who made them happen. The brains behind it all, I guess you could say. He’d been waiting for this day to come just like I had, and even had a plan all worked out already. I grinned as he answered the phone, imagining his response when I told him the news.

“Hey, Wes, old man. How’s it going?”

“Hey yourself, Steve. Wassup?”

“Well, man, I was just down at the library, on their computers, and you’ll never guess what I laid eyes on down there.”

“I’ll never guess, huh? Let’s see. You didn’t find a job for us, didjya?”

“We-e-e-ll . . .”

Wes kind of growled at me, and I finally gave in and told him what I’d seen.

“WHAT! The McFarley mansion? You’re not joking with me, are ya, Steve?”

“No sirree. Looks like they left today and  they’ll be outta town for a week. When you wanna get rich?”

I let him talk it out, figuring he knew what needed to get done before we did the job. We decided on Sunday morning, while people were out at church. That gave us two more days to get everything in place . . .

When Sunday finally came, I got up before the sun did. My hands were kind of tingly, but I just put it off as excitement that this day had finally come. Sure, we’d made a few bucks here and there, but this job would give us enough to hole up for a while and keep us off the radar. A thought flew through my mind that maybe it was setup, maybe they were on to us, but it pretty much went in one side of my head and out the other. I methodically got myself ready, paying attention to every little detail that had to be put together.

Little did I know that my premonition had been right. Four hours later, right in the middle of unhooking the McFarley’s brand new plasma television, we heard the sound we most dreaded.

“Newton Police. You’re surrounded. Come out with your hands up!”

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