July 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of an Ant

Green. That's what I see when I leave our home every day. Green. And more green. These tall things that wave back and forth and go way above my head. And they're all green. Well, not all of them. I saw one once that was yellow. It was really hard and didn't wave at all. And it kind of crackled too. But usually they're green.

Every once in a while, this giant alien comes by makes this really loud noise and some of the green stuff disappears. I swear, it has to be magic. The green things get really short all of sudden when the alien walks over them, and then I can almost see over them. One of my brothers – I only have forty-seven brothers, but one of my friends has a hundred and two! – anyway, he told me that when I grow up I’ll be able to see over the tops of the green things after the magic alien comes. I hope so. I want to see what’s out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I like our home. It’s really comfortable, and when it gets really hot outside, our home stays really cool. And then when it gets colder outside, sometimes we can’t even get out and we just stay inside and sleep mostly. But when it’s warm again, then we have to go out, and we have to find food and bring it all back so we can have food to eat when the cold comes back. We have to work really hard to find the food sometimes. And sometimes the aliens come and make our home all wet with this funny smelling stuff (Momma calls it poysun), and we have to dig deeper and get away from the wetness. One of my cousins was sleeping one time, and didn’t get away fast enough, and she never woke up after that. But I always run as fast as my six little legs will take me and I always get ahead of the wet stuff.

But the aliens aren’t always mean like that. Sometimes they come by and sit for a while, and when they go, they leave food for us. Momma says the best food comes from the aliens. The best food they leave is something called puhtayto chips. They’re really good and they last a really long time, so there’s always lots of them for when it’s cold outside. I actually just finished my second crumb for today. I wanted to have another piece but last time I did that my abdomen hurt really bad. So now I only have two crumbs a day.

Well I am supposed to go back outside now and look for food in the green things. It’s really hard to find sometimes, but maybe I’ll get lucky this time and the aliens will be there.

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